Award Winning BIM Direct provides a streamlined and consistent process used in all stages of the EIR lifecycle, with all content, comments, ratings and history being stored in a single location and easily accessed by users with appropriate access rights.

  • Create and distribute EIR collaboratively
  • Submit responses to an EIR
  • Review and rate pre-BEP responses online
Generate EIR collaboratively
BIM Direct BIM4SME Award Winner 2017

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A Step-by-Step Process

From EIR Authoring to BEP Generation

Setup EIR

Every project is different and the EIR produced for a project is unique.  BIM Direct provides the ability to create an EIR from scratch, setting up the structure and organising its sections in the most appropriate way for that specific project.  

Invite Collaborators

Creating an EIR is a collaborative process. Leveraging past experience among EIR contributors is crucial to producing a quality document.  At the click of a button, BIM Direct allows BIM Managers responsible for a project, to invite collaborators to contribute to and review an EIR under construction.

Get Live Feedback

The integrated chat system within BIM Direct allows instant communication between team members. The BIM Manager is instantly notified when a new comment has been made and are therefore always up to date with with the latest communications relating to the EIR.  The BIM Manager can instantly reply to comments made by his colleagues as well as request feedback and content on each individual EIR section.

EIR Approval

When the BIM Manager has reviewed the EIR content and is happy that the document is complete, he/she approves it and assigns it a unique version number.  At this point the document is locked and held in the BIM Direct repository thus ensuring document security and integrity.

Invitation To Tender

Using BIM Direct, the BIM Manager distributes the approved EIR to the selected recipients via a secure link in a system generated email.  The email invites the recipient to submit their tender also using BIM Direct.  Through their control panel the BIM Manager is able to see who has accessed and responded to the EIR and when.

EIR Response Submission

Contractors invited to respond to an EIR login the BIM Direct from where they are able to enter their response to each section.  Once they submit their response to the EIR, the BIM Manager is informed that the response has been received and is ready to be evaluated.  All responses are submitted via BIM Direct and held centrally removing the need to collate responses from multiple different sources and formats.

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BIM Direct is an innovative, web-based solution which allows the entire process of authoring and distributing an EIR, submitting responses to an EIR and reviewing and rating those responses to be managed by a single system.

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