About BIM Direct

In 2015, two friends, Patrick Furlong and Ivan Gasparetto enrolled on the RICS BIM Project Management course. During the course, they realised that the industry was crying out for a software product that could take BIM Managers by the hand and lead them through the initial stages of every construction project including the project scope definition, the EIR authoring, the ITT and the creation of the BEP & MPDT.  They reviewed the limited existing software offerings but found them difficult to use, lacking in useful functionality and hamstrung by over-simplified and poorly constructed EIR templates.

Ivan Gasparetto


MSc in Software Engineering – with 20 years experience developing web applications

Patrick Furlong


MIRCS – over 30 years experience in the Building Industry



BIM Direct was recently joined by 2 venture capitalists and is preparing to launch its groundbreaking product.

About us


BIM Direct is an innovative, web-based solution which allows the entire process of authoring and distributing an EIR, submitting responses to an EIR and reviewing and rating those responses to be managed by a single system.

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