Collaborative scope definition

BIM Direct Solution

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The Challenge

Meeting the challenges of articulating project requirements, project scope and project aspirations takes multiple stakeholders, multiple skill sets and a structured delivery plan.

In our busy business lives, co-ordinating multiple stakeholders becomes almost impossible and without a full quota of co-ordinated input, the results are typically gaps in the scope or lack of clarity.  As we all know, the basic fundamental of any project is a clear scope.  Without one, the changes of success are minimal and will result in increased cost and unnecessary pain.

BIM Direct’s solution

BIM Direct™ is best of bread.

Allowing all stakeholders to input their expertise, review and comment on others through a secure, on-line, collaborative portal is the key to a truly co-ordinated, scope that has all of the required input that will ensure completeness and project success.

Providing stakeholders with actions, the ability to input when their schedule permits, have a full audit trail truly transforms the way project scope and documentation is authored, reviewed and shared.


Utilising BIM Direct™ on projects provides a standardised and collaborative process that results the best quality documentation, ensuring project success, reduced waste and reduced cost for all project participants.