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From EIR to BEP

The Challenge

The Employers Information Requirements (EIR) is a key document that articulates the digital scope to the project team.

Many projects are challenged with EIRs that are developed in isolation and not fit for purpose; key information is omitted, requirements are ambiguous and critically all too often, generic and not developed for the specific project.

All these factors result in unnecessary waste and increased cost.

BIM Direct’s solution

Through an intuitive, cloud based portal, the Employer (or their representative) can manage the creation of a project specific EIR.  BIM Direct™ have standard templates which can be modified or even developed from scratch, depending on Employer and Project requirements.

Key stakeholders are invited to participate in the creation of the EIR, comment and collaboratively develop the project scope.


Collaborative development of the EIR reduces waste and overall project costs.  Ensuring key stakeholders input their requirements, comment on others and provide the necessary expertise to develop a detailed scope, specific to the project results in an quality, fit-for purpose EIR.

The BIM Direct™ portal includes multi-level security, easy to use interface and a complete record of input and comments for future reference and auditability.