Getting Started

At the beginning of the project, the Employer assigns the “Project Manager” task to a stakeholder, which may be internal or external to the Employer’s organisation.

The Project Manager role label varies in different projects:

  • Employer’s agent
  • Lead Architect
  • Lead Consultant

Regardless their title, their tasks will be the same: ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget.

BIM Direct is a collaborative system designed to assist BIM Managers to produce BIM Documentation, such as the EIR and the BEP, and manage BIM Projects by taking advantage of the Project Plan module.




The BIM Direct Authoring Module includes the following functionality:

  • EIR Generator
  • Post Contract BEP Generator
  • Collaboration & Commenting
  • Pre-defined Templates or “Start from scratch” functionality
  • Document Approval
  • Document Auditing
  • Appendices
  • Image Library
  • EIR & BEP PDF generator





Response Evaluation

The BIM Direct Tender Module includes the following functionality:

  • EIR Distribution
  • Online Bid Submission (EIR Response)
  • EIR Responses (Pre-contract BEP) Evaluation
  • Collaborative Response Evaluation with Rating System
  • Interview Notes

Project Plan




The BIM Direct Project Plan Module includes the following functionality:

  • Calendar
  • Gantt
  • TIDP (Task Information Delivery Plan)
  • MIPD (Master Information Delivery Plan)
  • MPDT (Model Production Delivery Table)
  • Level Of Details

About us


BIM Direct is an innovative, web-based solution which allows the entire process of authoring and distributing an EIR, submitting responses to an EIR and reviewing and rating those responses to be managed by a single system.