Permission Levels

There are 4 levels of permission in BIM Direct:

  1. Role Access
  2. Create Projects
  3. Manage Employers
  4. Admin User

The table below shows how each permission affects actions a user can perform across the system.

N. Permission Level Create Employer Edit Employer Create Project Edit Project Assign Owner Assign Author Assign Collaborator Create/Edit EIR Comment on EIR Add/Edit User Useful Documents
1 Role

* * * * *
2 Create Projects

3 Manage
4 Admin

* Role Access is a good way to give users outside your organisation, access to a single project. The table below shows actions a user can perform on projects, depending on their permission:

Project and EIR Access Rights

The table below shows what functions a user can perform on a Project/EIR depending on their role (PO, PA, PC) on that Project/EIR.

  • PO = Project Owner
  • PA = Project Author
  • PC = Project Collaborator
Project Association Edit Project Create/Edit EIR Assign Owner Assign Author Assign Collaborator Comment on EIR


PC × × × × ×

Note: the Admin user can perform ALL functions on ANY project even if he has no specific role on a project.  However, the PO, PA and PC can only perform functions in the table above on the projects with which they are associated and then only the functions that their role on that project and the EIR status allows.

Admin PO PA PC
Edit Project Summary × ×
Delete Project × ×
Change the PO × ×
Appoint the PA of a Project × ×
Appoint the PC(s) on a Project ×
Create EIR ×
Copy EIR ×
Edit EIR ×
Comment on EIR
Approve EIR × ×
Select Respondents × ×
Publish EIR × ×
Comment on Responses
Evaluate Responses ×
Select Suitable Suppliers × ×
Withdraw EIR × ×
Archive EIR ×
Delete EIR ×

For understanding how the navigation is affected by the permissions, please visit the Navigation page.

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