Real-time monitoring

MPDT & MIDP Tables

Collaborative planning

The Challenge

The Master Project Delivery Table and the Master Information Delivery Plan are nothing new; they are simply a digital delivery schedule.  However, the industry is faced with a plethora of ways to create, review and manage this live project information, all of which are basic and onerous to administer.

Delivery schedules are a key to the management of projects, but in our new digital world, we still seem to revert to basic solutions which are not fit for purpose and certainly not conducive to efficient and effective project planning.

BIM Direct’s solution

Providing project teams, project managers and business owners  a simplistic way to create, manage and monitor project deliverables was our focus in enhancing the BIM Direct portfolio.

Through our secure, on-line, cloud based solution, project managers can develop complex delivery schedules that define activities, resources, milestones etc – all the key information that defines a clear plan.  The project team can review and manage their activities through the interactive portal, enable project managers to review, assess and measure progress.


Reducing risk through transparency and up to date project management is imperative.

BIM Direct removes the headaches and inefficiencies, and provides a centralised, on-line, project management portal for the complete project team.