Getting the best project team

Tendering Process

Collaborative bidding

The Challenge

In our every changing digital world, ensuring that potential project team members have the required capability is essential to project success.

Industry leaders have given us theory, processes and guidance on how to assess the digital capabilities of potential suppliers, but the whole process is still fraught with challenges, with the assessment and measurement certainly not conducive to success, resulting in and increased cost and unnecessary delays.

BIM Direct’s solution

As a natural next step from the collaborative development of the EIR, the secure BIM Direct™ portal allows the EIR to be distributed to potential bidders and where bidders can easily response and submit their bids.  Management of bids is seamless, with consistent and transparent measurement, resulting in a ranking for each bidder.

This revolutionary way of procuring digital teams brings together the industry guidance in a simplistic, efficient and easy to use environment.


This revolutionary way of procuring digital teams to a project provides benefits to the bidder and client alike.

For the bidder, the processes is simple and transparent that allows a structured and painless response.

For the client, the distribution, assessment and measurement is efficient and provides a full audit trail.  All historic bids are retained for analysis and streamlining of future bids.